Rental Containers

We Rent

Our containers are the most secure units available. They are mouse proof, dust proof, water proof, and can be double locked for your peace of mind. We supply affordable rental containers for a variety of needs.

Commercially, we supply to construction sites in need of tool cribs or extra storage for building materials that need to be kept out of the elements. For residential purposes, we rent for renovations, restoration, and long term on-site storage in the convenience of your own yard.

We Sell
If you are looking to purchase a container, we can provide new and used 8 x 20 ft. and 8 x 40 ft. containers. Special orders may be made for specific sizes such as 8 x 8 ft. or 8 x 53 ft. Aaims Storage Ltd. has proven to be the most affordable container sales company in the Peace Region. Let us help you find a container that best suits your needs!
We Modify
In order to help you build the unit you need we offer custom modifications. From basic skidded units to fully finished office units, we can convert units to your specific requirements. Some options we provide are interior and exterior lighting, heating, power, insulating, shelving, and doors. We have 8 x 20 ft. and 8 x 40 ft. units available to alter.
We Deliver
Nothing makes your day easier than a one-stop shop, which is why we deliver our own units. Let us serve you with affordable rates and efficient deliveries, so you can have peace of mind about when and where your unit will be transported. We are able to deliver both 8 x 20 ft. and 8 x 40 ft. units.

Call for a quote to rent or purchase a sea can